Author: boardroombuddha

Heavy weighs the Crown…

Heavy weighs the crown. Few people understand the weight and responsibility involved with being in charge of a group or an organization. Moreover, it is quite lonely at the top because few people have the perspective of being the one who is in charge of everything. It can be quite a daunting and slightly disorienting […]

Decorum matters…

“Decorum” has the same root as the word “decoration”: the frills and fixtures that make a room a pleasant place to be. In a meeting, decorum is what keeps the discussion polite and respectful. It includes not only what is said but also the way things are said. The order, the subject and the tone […]

Meeting Monster #3 Nitpicker

You know they are out there. They are like snipers sitting around the table. Ready to open fire with no warning. The moment they think that any rule might possibly have been broken. The price of their vigilance is intimidation. A nitpicker in the group can effectively shut down debate, as people prefer to say […]

Meeting Monster #2 The Drama Queen

Lights, Camera, Drama! When the Drama Queen starts to speak, it’s a mixture of fear and fascination. It’s a performance. And you are a captive audience. They have you exactly where they want. These people wear their heart on their sleeve, which they use to wipe aware the tears that flow every time they open […]

Meeting Monster #1: The Cynic

Problem: These folks have heard it all before. Or maybe not. Either way, they are not interested in listening, much less supporting whatever is being discussed. Cynics radiate negativity that can infect other meeting members and stifle discussion. Nothing is worth it. Nothing will work out. Nothing is ever good enough. That’s because they don’t […]

Silent thoughts are golden

There’s a popular saying, “Never assume that Loud is strong and Quiet is weak.” Quiet people eschew the spotlight and are often able to view an issue without their ego blocking their view. But it can take extra effort to get the quiet people to come forward and express themselves. Humans by nature prefer consensus, […]

The Magic Behind Closed Doors

Meetings are magic. Even when facing clear facts, our decisions are ultimately based on myriad emotions, opinions and rationales, the result of shifting conditions and circumstances. For all the discussion in advance–in person or online–you never know what will happen when when the doors close, and everyone comes together face-to-face to make a decision. New […]