Meeting Monster #1: The Cynic

Problem: These folks have heard it all before. Or maybe not. Either way, they are not interested in listening, much less supporting whatever is being discussed.

Cynics radiate negativity that can infect other meeting members and stifle discussion.

Nothing is worth it. Nothing will work out. Nothing is ever good enough.

That’s because they don’t actually trust their own ideas – and dismissing other people’s ideas justifies their own insecurity.

Solution: Laughter is the best medicine here. “We all have dumb ideas – what’s your dumb idea?” This levels the playing field and makes it easier for the cynic to express ideas. Make it clear that the entire group is in this together. Sometimes we have winning ideas and sometimes we have losing ideas – but it is our duty to try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Sound familiar? Tell us!

Meeting monsters haunting your meetings and making everyone afraid to talk? Let us know below. We can help!