Tips for surviving as leader

  1. The job is one of ego management, and the most important ego to manage is your own.
  2. Don’t be fooled into thinking the association will last forever. Lots of organizations fold due to poor choices by the board.
  3. The staff have seen a lot. Respect their knowledge and experience.
  4. Guard your time off preciously. Remember that being President is only a small part of your much larger life.
  5. Being President is like being mayor of a small town. Don’t assume that everyone in town has the same opinion.
  6. There is no “right” way to run or organize the Association. Focus on what works.
  7. Sometimes the right thing to do is to do nothing. Tolerating ambiguity is a valuable leadership skill.
  8. Have a plan for when the ride is over.
  9. Human beings love to complain. It’s not about the content, it’s more about the activity. Don’t take it personally.  
  10. If in doubt – don’t. Step back and review items 1-9.