Civility is the ❤ of civics

Humans might be animals, but we do not need to act like them.

For whatever reason, humans are blessed with an amazing ability to express ourselves, which includes the ability to help or harm other. Insulting opponents might win the battle, but you will lose the war for decency in the long run.

Civil meetings are designed to resolve conflicts through deliberation and cooperation, where each person has something constructive contribute. Do not allow members to denigrate the motivations or contributions of their fellow participants.

In meetings, address communication through a third-party such as the presider or facilitator This will deflect and diffuse any negative energy coming from the person speaking.

Emotions are fuel, and words can shoot sparks. To avoid ignition, condemn any profanity in a meeting immediately. Finding your way out of a inferno of insults and emotions is often impossible…and creates long-lasting damage.