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  • Specific solutions for specific situations. Each group is unique and each meeting has its own magic. Helping leaders and followers find their way forward.
  • Arranged via Zoom, Skype, or landline phone.


  • Becoming a meeting master takes time. A long-term mentoring program helps you develop leadership skills for setting productive agendas, reviewing the rules or handle problem people.


  • A great way to get your group on the right track before you begin. Gain a basic understanding of parliamentary procedure and/or consensus decision-making. Simulation exercises make learning fun and stress-free.


When you need a professional to help monitor, facilitate or even run an important or contentious meeting. Having an outside, third party presider can often result in smoother meeting with less personality-driven emotion.

“David is a thoughtful meeting leader who carefully weighs all sides before proceeding with a solution. His in-depth knowledge of procedural requirements makes sure participants stay on target to arrive at realistic decisions.”

Dorothee Racette, CPC
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